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Combine the power of DNA with your knowledge of exercise and nutrition

Learn how DNA can help you to personalize your clients’ workouts and diet to achieve better results.

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Understand the uniqueness of your clients and stand out from the crowd. Our online certification course provides the complete introduction to DNA analysis that you need to deliver true personalization:

Phase 1: Intro to nutrition and exercise

To kick things off we start with a refresher on the key elements of nutrition and exercise.

Phase 2: Learn the science

Your introduction to DNA. What is it, what does it encode for, and how does genetic variation occur?

Phase 3: Interpreting results

Discover the possible insights that DNA analysis delivers and how to apply these to a workout or nutrition plan.

Phase 4: Be a Pro

Learn how to effectively integrate FitnessGenes into your current practice to maximize client uptake and ultimately value delivered.

Gold's gym SoCal are setting the industry standard

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Backed by Science

Click the image to download our most recent original research paper on obesity related genetics and how knowing this information will help tailor your clients eating behaviour and exercise intensity.

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"It is, in my opinion, the most advanced system in the health and fitness market at the moment".

Dan O'Neil, Coach

The Foundry

"I've been in the industry for ten years, and I wish that I had this ten years ago because I'd know straight away what clients need".

Edward Cooper, Operations manager

Lanes Health Clubs

"Understanding my clients is of paramount importance to their progression. By working with FitnessGenes we can set a whole host of parameters that dictate how well they will progress".

Rob Foster, Coach

Athlete Lab

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Completing FitnessGenes Pro will also qualify you for our official affiliate program, helping you to achieve better client results, drive recruitment and increase revenue.

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FitnessGenes Pro

FitnessGenes Pro + DNA upload

  • FitnessGenes Pro online certification course
  • FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit
  • $298 for lifetime access
  • FitnessGenes Pro online certification course
  • Genetic data upload from 23andMe or AncestryDNA
  • $148 for lifetime access

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